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Spay Me!

Springtime generally means the beginning of "kitten season" where litters of kittens are born outdoors to community cats. Unfortunately, the outlook for kittens born outdoors can be grim -  most shelters are filled to capacity with animals looking for forever homes and many don't have the resources to care for young kittens who have been separated from their mother. 

Since the gestation period for cats is only about 60 days, most kittens are conceived during the wintertime. Get ahead of "kitten season" by spaying and neutering cats during the winter season. 

Did you know that female cats can:

  • become pregnant as early as four months old
  • breed up to three times a year
  • produce an average of twelve kittens per year

You can help end the endless cycle of reproduction for the community cats in your life. Our program can help! Request help here.